Exercise - Rehabilitation area

Our clinic contains an  Exercise - Rehabilitation area with all the necessary equipment required for rehabilitation purposes, within the premises ie treadmill, rower, stationary bike, free and machine weights etc. One of my main concerns is that many people when injured stop exercising totally and dramatically lose their fitness. The purpose of this rehabilitation area is to provide a supervised environment whereby an injured person can exercise safely, hence maintaining their fitness to some degree.


  • Prehabilitation: Most injuries that occur are preventable. Chartered Physiotherapist specialise in Musculo-Skeletal and Biomechanical Screening. Prevention is better than cure.


  • Physical Conditioning: The science of physical conditioning and muscle strengthening is an integral element of our training as chartered physiotherapists. If you request any assistance in this area please don't hesitate to contact us eg Weight management, General fitness programme, Postural-Core Stabilisation Exercises, Pilates/ Yoga courses etc

It is no coincidence that all physiotherapists working in my clinic continue to practice what the preach !.