Care of the Elderly

Our Chartered Physiotherapists endeavours to promote the highest quality of physiotherapy

practice for older people and those with neurological deficit. We are happy to act as a point of contact or source of information for members of the public attempting to seek information on physiotherapy practise or services following neurological deficit or with the older person. We encourage research and education in elderly care and neurology.

Our chartered physiotherapists also work in all aspects of elderly care including falls prevention and rehabilitation, arthritis, dementia and bone health.


Ronan Carolan provides physiotherapy services:

  • Kilmainhamwood Nursing Home, Co. Meath
  • Josephs Nursing Home, Virginia Co. Cavan


Chartered Physiotherapists Services available:

  • Neurological Conditions:

- can help people of all ages who have had a stroke, MS, Guillain Barre, Parkinsons Spinal cord Injury, Motor Neurone Disease, head injury?

- can help you to manage painful or uncomfortable symptoms associated with many neurological diagnoses?

- can help you to rebuild your confidence and access your local community after a neurological diagnosis?

- can provide expert advice and management on problems with spasticity?

  • Care of the Elderly:

Mobility – Prevention of Falls:

  • can advise you and your family about appropriate exercises which can improve mobility and prevent falls?
  • can assist with regaining mobility and maximising independence regardless of your level of physical ability.
  • are experts on balance re-training and falls prevention?
  • are experts in the prescription of appropriate walking aids?

Carers: can help prevent you and/or your carers develop back injuries by advising you on

safe moving and handling techniques

Bone Health:            Our chartered physiotherapist are experts in the management of bone

health and the problems associated with osteoporosis

Exercise Prescription: Our CP’s will give you helpful and practical advise for fitting an exercise routine you’re your schedule and home life?

Footwear: can advise you about appropriate footwear, supports and assistive devices?

Senior Male Working With Physiotherapist